Music Production Workshop & Guitar Lessons

Gilbert Rocks is a former elementary school music teacher. He got tired of watching schools cut the arts.  He was frustrated and came up with the idea for the Gilbert Rocks Show. The show was developed to bring the arts back to kids and their families. The world desperately needs more creative people. At least Gilbert thinks so. 

Nothing makes Gilbert happier than helping to create the next generation of music makers and artists. He has over 20 years of guitar and recording experience and has always wanted to take it to the next level by creating a music production workshop. He would also love to give you guitar lessons if that is what you are looking for. 


In this workshop you will work with your small team of 2-4 people  to learn the art of musical recording in a digital world. You will learn how to use electronic instruments, real guitars, and keyboards to create a song that you can share with the world. If you want to lay down some vocals, step up to the mic. Gilbert will guide you every step of the way. 


The workshops will last 1 hour and cost $50 per person. Gilbert's garage studio is located in beautiful Carlsbad, CA (Bressi Ranch). The production groups can be made up from your friends, neighbors, classmates, or mix it up with you family. Gilbert promises you an amazingly fun time and you will finally know how the magic of music happens. Music is the gift that lasts a lifetime.


If you just want to take guitar lessons, no problem, Gilbert can help you there too. Lessons are $30 per half hour. You will learn how to create any style of music your heart desires. Gilbert has taught hundreds of people how to rock!


Never stop creating and please e-mail Gilbert with any questions, or for more details Don't hesitate because the workshops will fill up fast. 


Get ready to rock the world!


Your friend, 


Gilbert Rocks